Feb 17, 2015
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With a new grant from Kaiser Permanente, the UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine’s Center for Excellence in Primary Care (CEPC) is part of a new, two-year effort to help prevent heart attacks and strokes among people who are at greatest risk. CEPC's grant of $250,000 will expand the reach and scope of Kaiser Permanente's successful Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes Everyday (PHASE) program.  PHASE press release.


Dec 12, 2014
Image of SFGH Patient Advisory Group

With a Latino patient population of more than 40 percent, San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) stepped up its commitment to patient-centered care by creating a patient advisory board for Spanish-speaking patients. With grant funding and a blueprint for creating the advisory board, SFGH’s Family Health and Urgent Care Center formed a powerful and cohesive model for patient-centered health care with reduced health disparities.


Dec 12, 2014

UCSF medical students and Family and Community Medicine residents joined the national movement of protest about the shootings of unarmed black men and youth by police officers and the lack of grand jury indictments. On December 10, students and residents participated in peaceful “die-ins.”