Future Epidemiologists (and health care providers) at O'Connell High School Collaborate with FCM Residents!

Family medicine residents participated as panelists for student presentations at O'Connell HS in the Mission District of San Francisco. Student teams each researched an infectious disease (Ebola, Hanta, influenza) and prepared a presentation on its history, containment strategies, symptoms and pathological processes, and community outreach plans for public health prevention. Team members adopted the perspectives of pathologists, epidemiologists, health care providers (MD/Nurse), and community health workers. Their learning about communicable diseases and their impact on public health was awesome! And our FCM residents helped give them feedback on how much they had learned and incorporated into their presentations.

This collaboration is part of the terrific work of the FACES for the future program - which is working to inspire youth to lead by creating innovative approaches to youth development, health careers preparation, and wellness: http://facesforthefuture.org/.