Summer Opportunities for UCSF 1st/2nd Year Medical Students

Summer Opportunities exist for UCSF medical students during the summer between 1st and 2nd year. These opportunities provide some funding for students to participate in a 4 week preceptorship in family and community medicine. They include the David Vanderryn Memorial Fund, Chinese Hospital Summer Preceptorship Program, and the California Academy of Family Physicians CAFP Foundation Scholars Program. For more information on these programs and/or to receive an application, please contact FCM Student Programs.


Primary Care Leadership Academy (PCLA) Summer Internships

These internships are available to students between their first and second year or during other breaks in their medical education and training. Interns work with the PLCA leadership team on all aspects of Academy operations and are encouraged to develop their own projects to support PCLA activities. Interns receive a stipend and are expected to represent their peers, and promote primary care engagement and collaboration on campus.


David Vanderryn Memorial Fund Summer Preceptorship Program

Each summer this program provides funding for a number of UCSF 1st – 2nd year medical students to do a 4-week preceptorship in family medicine working with underserved populations. Students find this early exposure to primary care gives them a unique opportunity to work closely with vulnerable populations. The preceptorship also serves as a chance for students to begin to involve themselves directly in a community of care and gain a deeper perspective on the practice of family medicine. Students come to appreciate the diversity of patients they see, thus inspiring them to provide compassionate primary care as they progress in their medical training.


Chinese Hospital Summer Preceptorship Program

Chinese Hospital was established more than 115 years ago and has continuously served the Chinese community of San Francisco. Its mission is to provide affordable quality healthcare to monolingual Cantonese and Mandarin speaking patients in a culturally sensitive manner. It offers both medical and surgical services, ICU, 24 hour Treatment Room facilities and four satellite clinics.

Chinese Community Health Care Association, our Physicians Group, has over 180 active physician members covering all subspecialties and most practice in close proximity to the Hospital.

The preceptorship will be of 4 weeks duration. The student will spend 2 weeks each in surgical and medical services. Part of the day will be spent in the hospital rotating through surgery, ICU, Radiology, Laboratory and medical wards with assigned preceptors. In the afternoon, students will have the opportunity to observe office practice in a variety of primary care (Family Practice, Pediatrics, and Internal Medicine) and specialty (both medical and surgical) settings.

At the end of the preceptorship the student will have an improved understanding of the culturally-relevant healthcare available in the San Francisco Chinese Community. Students will be exposed to a variety of specialties and practice settings that may provide a stimulus to their own career path.

Chinese Hospital seeks self-motivated medical students who are interested in learning more about the Chinese community from a healthcare perspective and who may be interested in serving the Chinese community in the future. Students should be interested in early exposure to a variety of primary care, medical, and surgical specialties. Use of Cantonese and Mandarin is encouraged but not a prerequisite.


California Academy of Family Physicians CAFP Foundation Scholars Program

The CAFP Foundation (CAFP-F) has a new program for medical students called the CAFP Foundation Scholars. This longitudinal program is for 20 first-year medical students with a strong interest in family medicine and primary care. The three-year program gives students the opportunity to be engaged with the Academy and a family physician mentor throughout their medical school career. Scholars will have the opportunity to build relationships with other medical students interested in family medicine, receive financial support to attend select CAFP/AAFP events, and develop a close relationship with a practicing family physician in California.

The Scholars Program begins with a four-week preceptorship opportunity with a family physician at one of a number of exciting locations throughout California. CAFP staff and medical school coordinators work with students to determine individual preferences, including practice type and location, and do their best to match students with the best preceptors available. Small living-expense stipends will be available to students traveling far from their home or school location on an as-needed basis.


Homeless Health Clinic

When funding allows, the Homeless Health Clinic provides some funding for UCSF student to do a research/Quality Improvement project that supports the clinics. Eligibility is for students already working with the clinic. Please consult with Homeless Health Clinic student coordinators and faculty advisors about potential summer projects to see if there is funding for this year.