UCSF CIAQ and CEPC Awarded BSCF Technical Assistance Grant for Spreading Adoption of eConsult in the Safety Net

February 18, 2015
Dr. Delphine Tuot of the UCSF Center for Innovation in Access and Quality (CIAQ) and Dr. Nwando Olayiwola of the UCSF Center for Excellence in Primary Care (CEPC) were recently awarded a Blue Shield of California Foundation technical assistance grant for spreading adoption of eConsults in the...

Family Physicians Improving Quality Care for Hospitalized Patients

February 18, 2015
The UCSF Family Medicine Inpatient Service at SFGH is embarking on a number of exciting quality improvement projects with community primary care partners and emphasizing interdisciplinary teamwork.  Read more here.  

The Center on Social Disparities in Health and the CA Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program Release New Data on Postpartum Women

February 17, 2015
CSDH and CA MCAH recently released 2012 data from the Maternal and Infant Health Assessment, an annual, population-based survey of women with a live birth in California. Read more here. For more information about MIHA, please contact the Project Director, Kristen Marchi or State staff.

UCSF CEPC Receives Kaiser Permanente Grant to Help Reduce Heart Attacks and Strokes

February 17, 2015
With a new grant from Kaiser Permanente, the UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine’s Center for Excellence in Primary Care (CEPC) is part of a new, two-year effort to help prevent heart attacks and strokes among people who are at greatest risk.

SFGH Patient Advisory Board Tackles Health Disparities

December 12, 2014
With a Latino patient population of more than 40 percent, San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) stepped up its commitment to patient-centered care by creating a patient advisory board for Spanish-speaking patients. With grant funding and a blueprint for creating the advisory board, SFGH’s Family...

UCSF Medical Students and Family and Community Medicine Residents Protest Racial Injustice

December 12, 2014
UCSF medical students and Family and Community Medicine residents joined the national movement of protest about the shootings of unarmed black men and youth by police officers and the lack of grand jury indictments. On December 10, students and residents participated in peaceful “die-ins.”

From Triple to Quadruple Aim: Care of the Patient Requires Care of the Provider

December 09, 2014
Most family physicians are familiar with the "triple aim" phraseology associated with improving overall health system performance. The triple aim calls for providing better health care, enhancing the patient experience and lowering health care costs. Now, two primary care researchers, both...

Dr. Olayiwola recognized as Emerging Public Health Professional

December 09, 2014
Dr. Olayiwola was recently awarded the Emerging Public Health Professional Award for mid-career professionals.  Established in 2011 by the Harvard School of Public Health, the award recognizes achievements in public health practice, innovation, and professional service at various career stages. ...

FCM's Clarissa Kripke Receives Networking Award

November 07, 2014
The Autism Asperger Syndrome Coalition for Education, Networking and Development (AASCEND), recognized Clarissa Kripke for her work in creating networks of advocacy and support for the AS community.  Dr. Kripke was presented the award at AASCEND's 15th Anniversary Conference, which was held on...

Future Epidemiologists (and health care providers) at O'Connell High School Collaborate with FCM Residents!

November 04, 2014
Family medicine residents participated as panelists for student presentations at O'Connell HS in the Mission District of San Francisco. Student teams each researched an infectious disease (Ebola, Hanta, influenza) and prepared a presentation on its history, containment strategies, symptoms and...