The 2018-2019 Fellowship Class


Testimonials from fellows:

"To say this is a rich learning opportunity is an understatement. It is the breadth of what we have learned that leaves in awe and deep appreciation of our faculty. Most on my program have gone through this Fellowship but I will be recommending to others."

"Most definitely would recommend this fellowship to colleagues. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I feel so grateful to have been a part of. I hope to continue to learn and grow in this way in years to come."

"This fellowship has truly been life changing. I have learned so much, made so many strong connections, and grew in confidence in my ability to be a teacher. This fellowship is ideal for anyone involved in academics who is willing to take a deep dive into their personal life, reflect, and work on improving their skills as an educator."

"It covers all the key areas of ones abilities to become a well rounded educator in medicine. It encourages and brings to the surface thru self reflection of you and your character and clarifies and reinforces skills to teach and nurture future physicians, yourself and your colleagues."

"I think this was an exceptional way to form connections with other educators in the bay area. I appreciated the time away from my usual daily routine and space to think about my own career and growth. I would highly recommend this fellowship for my colleagues!"

"I think the fellowship is excellent for a colleague who already has some experience teaching and mentoring and has some leadership role. It helps build a framework for all aspects of faculty work and scholarly activity. Perhaps most importantly was the ability to meet and work with inspiring colleagues."