FCM has a long history of conducting innovative research in family medicine and community health that focuses on the upstream social and structural factors that drive deep disparities in health outcomes. 

We are internationally recognized for our pioneering research programs in primary care and community health. Our research community, which includes FCM faculty, staff, and trainees involved in research and scholarly activity, has conducted groundbreaking research that has had a significant impact on clinical practice and policy. Many of our research activities are multidisciplinary involving faculty members from other departments in the UCSF School of Medicine as well as Nursing, Dentistry and Pharmacy and the UC Berkeley School of Public Health.

We receive over $25 million annually in research grants funding a wide array of research programs, including:

  • Evaluations of innovative tools to improve the quality of care in primary care practice.
  • Studies to elucidate and reduce health disparities associated with race, ethnicity and social class.
  • Research on family dynamics and patient-physician communication in chronic illness.
  • Research on health workforce diversity and policies to address the maldistribution of physicians, nurses and other health professionals.

Students interested in research opportunities are encouraged to contact faculty directly about their research programs.


Also make sure to check out our 2019-2023 Impact Report, which includes more stories about our research.