Student Programs

The Department of Family and Community Medicine is actively involved in learning opportunities at all levels of medical school education. In the Bridges Curriculum, FCM faculty are involved in teaching in small groups, providing physical examination instruction, and giving lectures. In the Clinical Core, FCM 110 is a required longitudinal primary care clerkship where students gain experience in outpatient chronic care, acute care and preventive care. FCM 110 is organized into a longitudinal model so that students may have more meaningful continuity with preceptors, patients and the clinical care team and is offered at various clinical sites throughout the greater Bay Area. In addition, a wide variety of electives, including clinical and research experiences, are offered throughout all four years of medical school. Through their involvement in required and elective courses, students are given the chance to learn about and experience the many facets and multiple opportunities of Family Medicine.


Hope Quilt

The goal of the Hope Quilt (viewed here) is to compile pieces of art and media that bring members of our community joy, inspiration or hope during this time. As the COVID-19 pandemic develops and things continue to be uncertain, we invite you to come back to the Hope Quilt and feel that you are part of this community.

To navigate the Hope Quilt, click on any blue box to zoom into that box. You can follow the presentation order by hitting the spacebar or "next" arrow and can use click and drag to look around. You can also zoom in and out with the  +/- symbols on the right and use the home icon on the right to return to the overview. (Best viewed with Google Chrome). 

Enjoy!  If you would like to add a contribution, please submit suggestions here. *The form requires a Google account. If you do not have a Google account, feel free to email your submission to [email protected] 

This collective inspiration with the Family and Community Medicine Community was first presented at the UCSF FCM Rodnick Colloquim on May 28, 2020.