Family and Community Medicine Residency Program


Our mission is to prepare family physicians to provide quality care for urban underserved communities.

  • To offer residents a high-quality, comprehensive primary care education that emphasizes the social, economic, and cultural dimensions of health and illness;
  • To promote collaborative, family-centered health care which supports and relies on our patients' autonomy, strenghts, and values; and
  • To attract residents, faculty, and staff of diverse cultural backgrounds and life experiences and inspire them to work toward broader social change.

The UCSF Family & Community Medicine Residency Program at San Francisco General Hospital is an integral part of the UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine and the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s (DPH) primary care network.

Founded in 1972, our residency program grew up alongside the community clinic system in San Francisco. Residents have always primarily provided care in DPH clinics serving primarily uninsured and publicly insured patients. Over the years, our faculty and graduates have been instrumental in building the DPH's San Francisco Health Network. In partnership with patients, families, and the local community, we continually seek to facilitate greater health and vitality in our city and beyond.

For decades, San Francisco County has partnered with UCSF to integrate our academic residency program into the public health system. Our residents collaborate daily with residents and fellows from all of over the university and participate in the broader UCSF learning community.

Our curriculum is guided by residents' experiences and provides them with the skills, knowledge, and perspectives necessary for working effectively with individuals and families of diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Most of our alumni currently practice in medically underserved communities, and many are in leadership, teaching, and research positions throughout the U.S. 

Our faculty, with important input from residents, has designed many innovative curricula over the years. These continue to shape our residents' training and have often served as models for the training of family physicians throughout the country. 

If you are interested in a broad education in family medicine rooted in evidence-based practice and social sciences; if the idealism that brought you to medicine in the first place has survived; and if you are interested in being a force for eliminating the disparities in health care that plague our medical system, come visit our program. You will meet a group of like-minded family physicians who are dedicated to these goals and who would be proud to count you among our colleagues.