Salaries & Benefits

The UCSF School of Medicine is sensitive to the high cost of living in San Francisco, as well as the financial strain on most residents. We strive to provide a competitive salary, housing stipends, bilingual pay and other benefits to recruit and retain the highest caliber of future family physicians to our program. Resident salaries and benefits are negotiated at the institutional level for all UCSF residents and clinical fellows. 

*Please note: these salaries are based on the 2021-22 UC salary scale. They are expected to increase in 2022-23. 


PGY-1     $77,969.04 ($64,362 + $13,607.04 housing stipend)

PGY-2     $80,102.04 ($66,495 + $13,607.04 housing stipend)

PGY-3     $82,714.04 ($69,107 + $13,607.04 housing stipend)

Housing Stipend

To help offset the high cost of rent in San Francisco, UCSF provides residents with a monthly housing stipend of $1,133.92 per month ($13,607.04 per year), included in each resident's monthly paycheck.

Bilingual Pay

Residents who pass proficiency exams in Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Russian, Tagalog or Arabic are eligible for an additional bilingual stipend through the City and County of San Francisco. Qualified residents receive an additional $120 per month in bilingual pay during SFGH rotations. 


UCSF provides medical, dental, and vision benefits to residents and their dependents- including domestic partners. An HMO plan is offered at no cost to residents; and a traditional PPO plan is offered that requires a premium co-payment by the resident. 

Residents receive long-term disability and life insurance coverage at no cost.

For more information about resident benefits, please visit the UCSF HR website.