Who We Serve

We are committed to a community-oriented model of medicine, where community strengths and values are centered, and care is provided in a respectful, culturally appropriate environment. We want every patient to feel that they are safe and belong when they come to us for care.

At the Family Health Center and on FMIS, we serve a diverse group of individuals and families. Some come from families that have been in San Francisco for generations and are now facing rising housing costs and a tightening job market. Others are new to the country, facing racism, xenophobia, and the threat of deportation. In our refugee clinic, we serve patients who have often experienced profound trauma and need support establishing a new community. In our primary care clinics, we serve families with deep, rich histories of struggle and accomplishment.

Below are some statistics that may help you understand the community that we work with.

On the Family Medicine Inpatient Service:


At the Family Health Center:


*Unfortunately our EHR has not historically captured data about different Asian populations. Our most commonly spoken Asian language is Cantonese, followed by Vietnamese