STAR Awards 2024

The Staff Appreciation and Recognition Program (“STAR Program”) is a cash recognition program to recognize and reward excellence in university service, significant achievements and contributions, and/or outstanding individual and team performance. The following are the 2024 STAR Award recipients from UCSF Family & Community Medicine. 

Ali, Mahima (pictured left)
Ayyagary, Roja (pictured right)
Bambilla, Naciacien
Cabrera, Abby
Ceballos, Richard
Chan, Antonio
Chin, Alice
Dedhia, Mansi
Fernandez, Larry
Gibson, Lindsey
Goetsch-Avila, Sonja
Goldhammer, Brenda
Hebert, Jilly
Holm, Nicole
Johnston, Roy
Kriz, Rebecca
Labat, Alanna
Mackey, Cindy
Manaois, Angel
Nakayoshi, April
Oncina, Ciela
Pacca, Lucia
Phillips, Beth
Roshani, Kristine
Shah, Monisha
Steiner, Anna
Su, Hoa
Taniguchi, Sachi
Trieu, Kasey
Vargas, Roberto
Williams, Joelle
Wilson, Whitney
Wulf, Sarah