Wolf Mehling Retires, More Awards and Milestones of Note

  • Wolf Mehling (pictured) is retiring after 22 years of service as a faculty member at FCM.
  • Clarissa Kripke has been appointed to the Academic Advisory Board of the UC National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement.
  • Adrian Tomes was recognized with the 2023-2024 GME Equity Excellence and Innovation Award.
  • Kareen Espino was appointed as a Clinical Mentor in the UC-Berkeley UCSF Joint Medical Program.
  • Monica Hahn, Jae Rouse-Iniguez, Manuel Tapia, and Maddie Deutsch were all reappointed as Co-Directors of the Differences Matter initiative.
  • Laura Hill-Sakurai will be stepping down from the medical director of Lakeshore after 8 years. Her leadership has been instrumental in shaping Lakeshore’s success and excellent reputation among colleagues and patients alike. As she transitions to focus on the launch of the residency track, we thank her for her continued commitment to our mission. We are fortunate that Ed Kobayashi will be stepping into to the role of medical director. Both Ed and Laura have made significant contributions to Lakeshore. We are excited to see the positive impact of their ongoing efforts in their new roles.