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After developing the UCSF Double Helix Curriculum, our team of health educators piloted this program in their own residency programs. All of the programs individually identified the need for faculty and clinic preceptor involvement in order to best teach their residents the principles of practice transformation as well as to successfully lead transformation initiatives in their clinics.

That’s why we developed a robust faculty development curriculum for core faculty, clinic preceptors, and resident educators with the goals of teaching 1) the language and principles of primary care practice transformation, and 2) how to engage residents in practice transformation.

We’ve identified some best practices as well as anticipated obstacles for championing this faculty development curriculum in your department and in our clinic.

Best Practices

Common Obstacles


10+3 Building Blocks of Primary Care - Tom Bodenheimer

Center for Excellence in Primary Care (CEPC) Tools for Transformation

10+3 Building Blocks Assessment Tool