Prescott Chow, MUP

Academic Coordinator III,
Family Community Medicine
+1 415 476-6141

Prescott Chow is the Co-Principal Investigator and Director of the Pacific AIDS Education & Training Center (Pacific AETC). Pacific AETC envisions a healthcare system that is accessible, responsive, culturally affirmative, centered in social justice and health equity, where the lessons of HIV and chronic care are fully integrated into patient- and community-centered models.

Prescott has worked over 20 years in HIV-related areas, with significant capacity-building assistance experience at local, regional, national, and international levels. He’s led a CDC-funded national training program, for example, as well as worked with hosts governments in the Asia / Pacific region to scale up HIV care and treatment. In his present role with Pacific AETC, Prescott leads a diverse partnership that spans four states and six US-Affiliated Pacific Islands to provide capacity building services that support local priorities that improve systems of HIV services. Pacific AETC, funded through HRSA’s Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, works with Primary Care providers to ensure quality care for those most in need, in alignment with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and HIV Care Continuum. He’s especially interested in work that addresses health inequities for communities of color and marginalized populations.