Family Medicine Faculty Development Program


To help faculty develop competencies as teachers, educators, leaders, scholars, managers of their careers, and life-long learners, and to create a cadre of knowledgeable and skilled educators and leaders who will use their skills to revitalize primary care education and practice.



The Family Medicine Faculty Development Fellowship Program (FMFDFP) develops educators and leaders through a year-long series of large group sessions, small group work, individual practice, mentored projects, and a network of educational colleagues. Emphasizing experiential-learning, collaboration, and case-based instruction, this program aims to create a learning community in which participants learn basic skills that will help them become better teachers, discover approaches to being more effective leaders, get valuable tips on designing and presenting curriculum projects, and identify ways to advance their career. Participants will apply strategies of reflection and inquiry to continuously learn from their own experience as well as the experiences of others.