Daniel Ciccarone, MD, MPH

Family Community Medicine
+1 415 260-2327

My research is centered on the contextual issues of treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS, and related diseases, in socially marginalized populations. My long-term objective is to combine ethnographic and epidemiological research to explore the intricate socio-behavioral-medical issues of medication adherence, access to care and risk taking behaviors, particularly related to drug use and drug users. My work, including collaborations, has been published in JAMA, NEJM, PLoS Medicine, AJPH, JAIDS and other peer-reviewed journals.

My recent research is in exploring the different medical consequences of use of various sources and forms of heroin. The US has recently entered a new heroin epidemic, this time fueled by the recent opioid pill epidemic. My team is exploring the economic, anthropological, historical, clinical and public health dimensions of this crisis.

In my activities as a medical educator, I have largely worked towards improving the social, behavioral and prevention science content within the undergraduate medical school curriculum. In 2009, I became Co-Director for the Foundations of Patient Care (FPC) course. In this role, I design and administrate FPC during the Organs Block of the Essential Core course. I am also Director of the Transitional Clerkship, a two-week immersion into the clinical wards for finishing second year medical students transitioning to their clinical training years. In these roles, I am responsible for designing extensive curricula, editing syllabi, recruiting faculty, hosting sessions and direct teaching, as well as, designing and leading assessment activities.


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