Ina Park, MD

Associate Professor,
Family Community Medicine
+1 510 620-3400

As a UCSF faculty member I am honored to demonstrate my interest for STIs through research, teaching, and patient care. I currently serve as the Medical Director for the California Prevention Training Center and am the site PI for the multicenter CDC-funded HPV-Impact project,which monitors the population-level effects of HPV vaccination.

Nationally I am proud to serve as a medical consultant to the CDC Division of STD Prevention and recently co-authored the 2020 CDC STI Treatment Guidelines. I also served as a committee member of the HHS's first Federal STI Action Plan and serving a two year term with the Planned Parenthood Foundation of America National Medical Committee.

Currently my passions lie in using storytelling and public engagement to fight the lingering stigma towards STIs. My first book for the lay public is entitled Strange Bedfellows: Adventures in the Science, History, and Surprising Secrets of STIs. (Macmillan Feb 2021) Read more about me and the book here:


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