Where We Work

Residents in the UCSF/SFGH Family and Community Medicine Residency Program train primarily at San Francisco General Hospital and the Family Health Center. Residents also train at several partner sites. 

San Francisco General Hospital

"The General" is the city and county hospital for San Francisco, and the only Level I Trauma Center for the 1.5 million residents of San Francisco and northern San Mateo counties. The hospital serves more than 100,000 patients each year and focuses on providing the highest quality care for people who are uninsured or publicly insured. Considered one of the finest public hospitals in the country, SFGH offers compassionate and culturally competent care to a diverse community of patients in more than 20 languages. UCSF has partnered with SFGH since 1872, attracting physicians who are leaders in their fields and making SFGH one of the nation's top academic medical and training centers. Rotations based at the General include: Family Medicine Inpatient Service, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Obstetrics, Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, and Outpatient Family Medicine.

Family Health Center

The FHC provides comprehensive primary care for uninsured or publicly insured patients, and is the largest primary care clinic in the San Francisco Department of Public Health. The FHC is on the same campus as SFGH, allowing residents to provide care for the same community in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. The FHC serves a diverse community of patients: 54% of patients are Latinx, 23% are Asian/Pacific Islander, 10% are African American, and 2% are Native American. Fewer than half of patients speak English as a first language, and the clinic has access to a wide range of both in-person and telephone interpreters. Residents work in teams alongside attending physicians, social workers, psychologists, health workers, nurses, medical assistants, nutritionists and other specialists to provide comprehensive, integrated care for our patients. Our model includes an Integrated Behavioral Health Team, who join primary care doctors in the exam room to meet with patients together. This coordinated approach incorporates patient education, counseling, and the selective use of diagnostic, screening and therapeutic services directed toward health maintenance and early diagnosis and treatment of illness. Patients also have access to a wellness center on campus that offers free exercise, dance, yoga, and cooking classes, as well as a food pantry for select patients. 

Family Medicine Inpatient Service

The Family Medicine Inpatient Service at SFGH provides acute inpatient care to adults. Like the Family Health Center, the FMIS patient population consists almost exclusively of people without insurance or with public insurance. Patients often present with advanced disease and typically have complex psychosocial stressors impacting their health and their care plans. A clinical pharmacist, pharmacy students, and 2-3 medical students are also on the service most of the time. The team also includes a 1-2 social workers, a physical therapist, and a patient navigator, all of whom meet with the medical team daily to discuss and address patients’ social needs. FMIS teams care for patients with a high level of complexity, including acute illness such as sepsis, COPD, CHF and GI bleed, as well as complications of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, HIV/AIDS and cancer. The FMIS service is known throughout the hospital for being particularly effective at supporting patients with complex social needs, and we effectively collaborate with medical and surgical consultative services in co-management of patients. Residents graduate training highly skilled in inpatient care and prepared to manage patients with severe and advanced disease, both in the inpatient and outpatient settings.

New Generation Health Center

"New Gen" is a clinic of UCSF's Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences with a focus on serving urban youth ages 12-24. With a goal to decrease the number of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections amount high risk youth in San Francisco, New Gen provides approximately 5,500 clinical reproductive health care visits to 2,500 clients annually. Residents work at New Gen as part of their Women's Health rotations. 

Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center

Laguna Honda is a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center within the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Founded in 1866, LHH is one of the largest skilled nursing facilities in the United States, and represents one of the most extensive commitments by any city or county to provide free therapeutic care for seniors and adults with disabilities. Residents spend time at Laguna Honda as part of their longitudinal geriatrics and long term care curriculum over the second and third years of residency.

Planned Parenthood

The UCSF/SFGH Family and Community Medicine Residency Program partners with Planned Parenthood to provide comprehensive reproductive health training for residents, including counseling, pelvic sizing, contraception, miscarriage management and abortion care- although it is not required that residents participate in abortion procedures.

Kaiser Permanente

UCSF FCM residents train at various Kaiser Permanente sites in Northern California, for experience in Obstetrics, Cardiology, Musculoskeletal Medicine, and Surgery.