UCSF FCM Rodnick Colloquium

May 27, 2021

Poster Presentations


Group A: Clinical Care, Including Telehealth, Digital Technology, Pandemic Response, and Primary Care



A Comparison of Pre- and Post-COVID-19 Pandemic Clinic No Show Rates

B Ghamavi, M Bassali, L Milanes (UCSF Fresno)



A First Pass at the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Three Student-Run Clinics

 F Harrison (UCSF)



Development of a Novel Interprofessional Telehealth Infrastructure for People Experiencing Homelessness 

R Chen, K Chang, EM Fukui, S Goldman, EK McCune, H Tam, DM Wlodarczyk (UCSF)



Operative vs Non-Operative Management of Distal Bicep Tendon Ruptures

S Clough (KP San Jose)



The Pacific AIDS Education and Training Response to a Global Pandemic for Whole Person Care in Alameda County

D Amarathithada, L G Gomez, J Wright, P Chow, M Reyes (UCSF)



Impact of an EMR Prompt on Screening Rates for Metabolic Abnormalities and Health Education among Children with Obesity

V Fomenko, A Tee, C Lyashevsky, M Parker, J Concepcion, N Lee (KP San Jose)



Providing Patients with Telemedicine Technology: A Systematic View


J Bell (UCSF)



Increasing Patient Portal Usage at a Pediatric Public Health Community Clinic


T Luh (UCSF)



Optimizing Flow and Capacity during the COVID-19 Pandemic


C Liang (UCSF)



Addressing Provider Training Needs at the Intersection of HIV, COVID-19, and Healthcare Inequality

J Wright, P Morris, L Georgetti, P Chow (Pacific AIDS Education and Training, UCSF)



The Impact of COVID-19 on a Human Rights Clinic Performing Forensic Asylum Evaluations


K Jaradeh, S Francesco (UCSF)


  • Group B: Clinical Care, Including Gender-Expansive Care, Reproductive Health, and Sexual Health





Development of Communication Materials to Motivate and Support Family Physicians to Integrate Medication Abortion into Primary Care


S Wulf, N Razon, L Maldonado, S McNeil, A Bryne Fields, C Dehlendorf (UCSF)



Understanding the Role and Experiences of Medical Referrals at a SGM-Centered Mobile Community Clinic in the Rural Southern US


L Joudeh, O Harris, S Heavner, E Johnstone, S Propst (UCSF)



Designing a Curriculum for a Community-Based Inpatient Maternity Care Residency Rotation


R McEntee, La Clinica (UCSF)



Improving Resident Education and Evaluation on L&D 

Wright, Wondolowski, Wagner, Loeza, Rodelo, Rodgers, & McNeil (Contra Costa Family Medicine)



Providing Transgender Medical Care in a Residency Clinic Setting

NarrationR Lovell (Natividad)



Promoting Testing and Treatment of STIs in Persons Experiencing Homelessness


B Citron (KP Oakland)



Lifelong Connections


J Radosevich (Lifelong William Jenkins Health Center)



Development of a Primary Care Curriculum for Buprenorphine Therapy in Opioid Use Disorder


F Xu, M Lim, L Russell, E Iten (John Muir Health)


Group C: Education and Training



A Natural Crossover Study: How Do In-Person vs Remote Clerkship Seminars Differ in impact to Learners and Faculty? 

E Amezcua, E Brode, B Wan, M Vener (UCSF)



Redesigning Residency Orientation during a Pandemic: How to Adjust to the Virtual Setting


T McBride, R McEntee (Lifelong Medical Center)



An Innovative Approach to Teaching Residents to be Rapid Response Team Leaders


R O’Malley (KP Santa Rosa)



Caring for Patients with Limited English Proficiency: A Skills-Based Preclinical Curriculum

L Yin, F Ng, M Williams, M Rutherford, M Garcia, S Cornes, A Fernandez, E Khoong (UCSF)



Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Process Resident Survey Responses

S Ridout, S Houk Syau, E Erickson Ridout, B Harris (KP San Jose)



Is Scheduling Resident Clinics Giving You a Headache? 

M Sam, T Roe, K Moeller (Contra Costa Regional Family Medicine Residency Program)



Pregnancy and Parenting in Medical School

S Peterson (UCSF)



Improving Clinical Knowledge and Management of Diabetes in a Family Medicine Residency Program

J Walsh, B Harris, M Liu (KP San Jose)


Group D: Mental Health, Palliative Care, Wellness, and Community Care



Perceptions of Palliative Care among LatinX Agricultural Workers in Monterey County

A Cardona (Natividad)



Effects of Continuation vs Discontinuation of Antidepressants on Postpartum Depression on Pregnant Patients with Preexisting Depression

C Eswarappa, K Peterman, A Alabaster, C Chen, B Harris, L Avalos, K Erickson-Ridout, S Ridout (KP San Jose)



Community and Mental Health Mentoring for LatinX Youth

M Silva, E Iten, C Triana (John Muir Health)



Depression Associated with Bereavement of Traumatic Loss

S Wang, S Elrefaay, L Yan, N Chan, M Park (UCSF)



An Integrative Group Movement Program Improves Cognitive Brain Function in Individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment

L Chao, W Mehling, M Chesney, J Lee, A Lee, S Martinez, D Barnes (UCSF)



Wellness in a New Residency Program: The Importance of Culture and Tradition


D Ayala-Ortiz, L Lamb (KP Santa Rosa)



Using a Palliative Care Registry to Generate Early Referrals to Palliative Care: Who are We Missing? 

L Glaser, T Krinard, L Hoff, L Lyon (KP Santa Rosa)



Community-Based Organizations’ Experiences with Community Referral Technology


Y Cartier (UCSF)



LatinX Depression Care during COVID-19: Needs, Challenges, and Attitudes in the SF Bay Area


R Del Pozo (UCSF)


Group E: Health Equity and Social Determinants Health



Abandon “Race,” Focus on Racism

P Braveman (UCSF)



Education for Equity or Inherited Disadvantage? Depression Symptoms for First-Generation College Graduates vs College Graduates Whose Parents are Also College Graduates 

E Meza, S Hashemi, M Garcia, M M Glymour, J M Torres, A Vable (UCSF)



State-Mandated Increased Years of K-12 Education Decreased Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure

AM Irish, E Meza, K Bibbins-Domingo, JS White, MM Glymour, AM Vable (UCSF)



Mobile Health Clinics: A Novel Approach to Augment Community Medicine Training in a Family Medicine Residency Program 

F Dorado, H Bogen, C Dail, N Madrilejo, A Whitaker, N White, J Yu, K Dang (KP Napa-Solano)



Development of a Primary Care Curriculum Buprenorphine Therapy in Opioid Use Disorder


F Xu, M Lim, L Russell, E Iten (John Muir Health)



Creating a Health Equity Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents

B Harrison, S Chang, N Hatamiya, G Yu (Stanford-O’Connor)



Documenting and Extracting Patient-Level Social Risk Data in Electronic Health Records: A Systematic Review


G Linfield (UCSF)



Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences in Family Medicine Environments (SAFE)


L Martinez, M Vu (KP San Jose)



Social Determinants of Health Curriculum: Adapting to the Needs of a New Rural Residency Program

J Parungao (Adventist Health Ukiah Family Medicine Residency)